RE600 Repeater

The new SALUS RE600 repeater is the latest addition to the SALUS Smart Home range of products. The RE600 Repeater is a hardwired signal booster that allows you to extend the range of your SALUS Smart Home System, to eliminate blackspots in larger buildings or those with particularly thick walls or flooring.


  • Increases range in locations with broken or weak signal
  • Increased capacity for more devices
  • Semi-permanent hardwired solution
  • Quick fixing bracket Included
  • Simple to install


  • Improved performance and range in locations with multiple obstructions or extended distances between devices
  • Use more devices on the Smart Home system without the need for more gateways
  • Suitable for commercial applications such as schools, municipal buildings, hotels or multiple occupancy residential properties
  • Surface mounts onto wall for minimal aesthetic impact
  • Quick and easy to install, setup and maintain

Base Specification

Smart Relay - 230V / 50Hz
Relay Dimensions - 45X45X20mm (LxWxD)
Surface mount bracket Dimensions - 84X84X27.9mm (LxWxD)
Protection class - IP 30
RF Frequency - ZigBee 2.4 Ghz