SB600 Smart Button

The Salus Smart Button is a simple device that connects wirelessly with the Connection Gateway to integrate as part of the Smart Home system. It allows the user to activate pre-programmed complex Smart Home rules without the need for an app. 

How does it work?
Rather than controlling devices individually via the Smart Home app, the user sets up a rule which can include any combination of actions and/or schedules controlling Smart devices. The Smart Button is then configured to activate the rule. This means complex manual actions, for example turning off four plugs and turning down Smart Radiator thermostats in two rooms, can all be done at the touch of a single button.

What are the applications?
The Smart button allows the user to setup various application rules and scenarios that could include energy conservation (regulating heating and lighting control with a single button) Security ( a panic button turning on devices and sending messages when triggered) or Convenience (turning on various lights and appliances with a single button touch)

How is it installed?
The Salus Button pairs and connects wirelessly to the Connection Gateway so no additional wiring runs are required meaning that installation is simple and mess free.