SmartHome Base Pack

Control & monitor your home from anywhere via Smartphone, Tablet or PC

With the SALUS Smart Home Base Pack (SH-BASE), you can control a single heating zone system from anywhere via Smartphone, Tablet or PC. With locked temperature function. Heating can be scheduled, holiday times and frost protection can be set. With the simple to use app you can turn your heating on when you are on your way home, ensuring you always return to a warm home.

With the FREE SP600 Smart Plug you have the added benefit of controlling and scheduling one electrical device or appliance from the SALUS Smart Home app.

The Base Pack is designed as an entry-level single zone heating system but can be easily expanded to a multi zone heating system with individual room control by adding TRV’s and additional thermostats. To further expand the system, simply add extra zones and devices as required. 

UG600 Gateway is the brains of the system and receives the command from the App to control the relevant device.

HTRS-RF(30) Thermostat positioned in a suitable location within the property for single zone heating control. Monitor, schedule and adjust temperature levels from anywhere via Smartphone, Tablet or PC.

RX10RF Boiler Receiver positioned next to and connected to the combi boiler. Controls the on/off times of the boiler.

Use the FREE SP600 Smart Plug with any electrical device or appliance to control or schedule it via Smartphone, Tablet or PC.

The Smart Home Base Pack can be extended with other products from the Smart Home range

5 Year warranty included!