Auto Balancing Actuator


Low Power Motorised Actuator with unique built-in Automatic Balancing Control for Under Floor Heating Systems to ensure each circuit is always correctly balanced.

24v THB2430

Supply: NC = Normally Closed
Size (mm): W-38mm x H-93mm x D-53mm
N: 24V AC
L: 24V AC

230VAC THB23030

Supply: NC = Normally Closed
Size(mm):  W-38mm x H-93mm x D-53mm
N:  Neutral Connection
L: 230V Live Connection



  • Available in 24V and 230V
  • Auto balancing with 7°C
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy & quick to install
  • Includes 2-piece pipe sensors
  • Precision motorised actuator
  • Ultra-low power 0.5W
  • Fit & forget UFH balance control
  • Fast valve opening & closing
  • 5-year warranty
  • M30 * 1.5mm connecting thread
  • Patent pending