Simple to use and with a clear easy to read LCD display, the HTRS-RF(30) is perfect for users who want to precisely control individual room temperature. With silent switching and TPI (Time Proportional & Integral) calibration, accuracy and efficiency are assured.

The addition of wireless technology means that installation is extremely quick and trouble-free without the need for additional wire runs. The wireless interface also allows the HTRS-RF(30) to connect to a SALUS universal connection gateway, through which it can be controlled remotely from anywhere via a simple app from a smartphone, tablet or PC.

Input Voltage 2 x AA Batteries
Communication Communication ZigBee 2.4GhZ HA 1.2
Temperature range 5°C – 32.5°C
Span +/- 0,5°C
Dimensions 85mm x 85mm x 25mm


  • TPI (Time Proportional & Integral) ‘self-learning’ Functionality
  • Clear easy to read LCD
  • Integrates with VS20 and HTRP-RF(50) programmable Salus thermostats
  • Smart Home App integration
  • ErP Rating IV
  • Pre-set override temperatures
  • Optional floor temperature sensor
  • Battery operated
  • ZigBee Wireless