Wiring centre for eight-zone underfloor heating (UFH) with wireless communication. This wiring centre is a smaller version of the KL10RF and can be used where space is an issue. It has connections for voltfree switching for UFH pump and boiler.

Use with any product in the iT600 range:

  • VS10RF/VS20RF thermostats
  • TRV10RF thermostatic radiator valve
  • RX10RF system receiver

Wireless communication is through the CO10RF ZigBee Coordinator (sold separately).

Supply - 230V
RF - ZigBee 2.4 Ghz
Rating Max - 3A
Output - 230V AC 50Hz
Size (mm) - W-353 H-85 D-65


  • Can be used with NO or NC thermal actuators
  • Plug-in connections
  • LED status indication
  • Strain relief fittings