SPE600 Smart plug

At the heart of the iT600 Smart Home range is the UGE600 Universal Gateway connecting all of your SALUS iT600 Smart Home products together. All SALUS iT600 Smart Home products require the gateway in order to work. Monitoring the security of your property has never been simpler with the SALUS iT600 Smart Home Door / Window sensor. All controlled and monitored from one simple to use App from anywhere via your Smartphone, Tablet or PC.

SPE600 Smart plug

Feel safe with the SPE600 Smart Plug. Ever had the feeling when you left the house that you have left the iron on? With the SALUS SPE600 Smart Plug this will never be a worry again. With easy access to the app you can remotely control the smart plug it allows you to monitor your energy usage on individual appliances and view on a clear day/week/month graph.

  • Small size, elegant shape
  • Can be linked to other iT600 devices via the Smart Home rule engine.
  • Can be set to to turn on home appliances with a touch of a button on the app i.e. electric heaters, lamps, tv.
  • Set rules to have everything on for when you return home
  • Can be used for a variety of electric devices and appliances
  • CE cerification for 16 Amps, one of very few at the moment
  • Easily time program each socket
  • Connects automatically to the SALUS Smart Home Gateway (UGE600)

OneTouch™ Rules for Door / Window Sensors

Imagine turning off all your lights in your home, setting all the thermostats to an energy saving setting, setting an alert so if any window or door is open you are immediately alerted. This is all possible with OneTouch™.

OneTouch™ is a preconfigured set of actions that you define yourself in an easy to use interface. Set up a OneTouch™ event to be triggered based on the time of day, day of the week or even when something occurs within your home. OneTouch™ can also be set to act like a timer, for example, turn this on for one hour and then turn it off. OneTouch™ buttons show up on your personal dashboard, so they are never more than a touch away.


  • Can be triggered by pressing the OneTouch™ button on the dashboard
  • Control a single device or every connected device in the house
  • Automatic triggers based on the actions of another device (For example: When my window is open, turn off the thermostat)
  • Create a OneTouch™ event when something does not happen (For example: Alert me if the front door is opened, but not closed within 10 minutes)