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Technical Support and FAQs

RT500RF & RT300RF

My heating comes on at random times... Why?

You may be getting RF interference, please see our video on our website on how to change the RF address code. Click here to see video.

Can I use the SALUS app for controlling my RT500RF?

No, the app only operates the iT500.

I’ve put the same time in twice on my programs.. is that OK?

Your RT500RF doesn’t recognize the same time twice, please change the time by at least Ten minutes for the unit to work correctly.

My heating will not go higher than 5 degrees... why?

You are in frost mode, please de activate and the frost symbol will disappear.

Will I lose my set programs if I change the batteries?

If your product is the RT500RF, open the door on the right-hand side and pull the flap down to the battery compartment.
Replace 1 battery at a time and your programms will save.

How do i replace the batteries in my RT500RF or RT300RF?
  • RT500RF open the door on the right-hand side and pull the flap down to the battery compartment.
  • RT300RF pull the right-hand side of the case to open the battery compartment.


Do you have an app for ST620WBC?

The iT500 is the only SALUS product that uses an app to control the heating and hot water.

*iT500BM with a RXWBC605 / RXVBC605 / RXBC605 (SALUS plug in receivers).

My Vaillant boiler already has pins sticking out, what do I do?

Remove the pins from your SALUS VBC and slide the receiver into the boiler.

I have a metal flap on my boiler, could this effect communication between the thermostat and receiver?

YES if possible leave the flap down so there is clear communication

Where are the OFF periods on the ST620?

Your thermostat is timed and temperature controlled, please use a low temperature if you do not require the heating on for a specific time.


Do you have an app that contains manuals?

Yes, we have a SALUS Controls  app that is full of information. The app includes training videos, manuals, wiring diagrams etc .Available to download from the app store or google play.

I’m replacing my existing thermostat that is wired into the boilers external loop. Do I need to put the link back in when I install the plug in receiver.

Yes the link needs to be in when you install the SALUS plug in receivers.

How do i correctly sync my WBC / VBC plug-in receiver with the ST620 thermostat?

Press OK once on the thermostat, go round to pair then press OK twice, (10 sending should display on screen). Gently press and hold the SYNC button with a blunt object (e.g. paperclip). After 5 seconds the Boiler Control LED will flash once to indicate it is ready to pair and ready to receive a signal from the ST620.

iT500 Internet Thermostat

Can I operate the heating using the iT500 unit if I have no internet connection?

Yes, most functions can be operated from the iT500 unit.

Why do my iT500 buttons not work?

Check that the screen lock is not active. If active, there will be a padlock visible in the top of the LCD. Disable
by pressing and holding top two left keys on the iT500.

Why does my heating never come on?

Check that the iT500 is in AUTO mode, ‘AUTO’ should be visible at the bottom right on display. If showing
‘OFF’ press the TICK and SETTINGS buttons, then use the UP/DOWN arrow keys to change OFF to AUTO then
TICK to confirm.

I’ve tried doing the software upgrade (Green Button appeared on the iT500 web page) but it failed...
  • Check the gateway is plugged into the router and it has a green light.
  • Position the iT500 within 1 meter of the SALUS Gateway unit.
  • If you receive the message ‘Failed’ please try running the OTA again.
    (Due to internet speed this may take several attempts).
Where do I download my Smartphone app to control the iT500?

If you have an iPhone, please search for iT500 on the app store, if you have an Android; search for iT500
on Google play.

What does the Smartphone App do?

It lets you control the iT500 remotely over the internet. You have full remote access to your heating
control giving both temporary and program changes.

I can’t access my iT500 on my PC or Smartphone after registering it?
  • Check you received your confirmation email from SALUS and clicked on it.
  • Check you entered the correct email and password as used on registration.
  • Ensure you added your device STA number which is located in the battery compartment of the iT500.
    You should see an image of your device after log-in, click on it to access.
I have installed the device and registered online but my heating is not coming on.
  • Check that the top slide switch on the receiver unit is in the AUTO position.
  • Perform a quick installation check by putting the top slide switch to Manual position, and the bottom
    slide switch to CH. The boiler should fire, if not the iT500 receiver may be wired incorrectly. Please contact your installer.
My receiver has a flashing blue light... what is that?

A flashing Blue light is normal indication that the iT500 thermostat is asking for heat and the boiler
should be on.

My receiver has a flashing Yellow light... what is that?
  • A flashing Yellow light is fault indication. The iT500 receiver unit has lost communication with the
    thermostat. Check the thermostat distance from its receiver, and check for major metalwork in its
    communication path (such as fridge/freezers). Reposition the thermostat to improve communication.
    Once it establishes communication again the fault will clear automatically.
The App says my iT500 is OFFLINE and my iT500 does not have the internet globe indicator on the screen, why is this?
  • Check that you have the power supply turned ON to the gateway and it has a steady green light showing.
    The green light indicates you are connected to the SALUS server.
  • If you have all the above, remove a battery from the iT500 and replace after 10 seconds. This will reboot the iT500 and
    bring you back online.
I’ve just plugged the SALUS gateway into my Belkin and the gateway has a solid RED light, what is this?
  • The gateway must be connected to a network that has DHCP enabled, it must be connected to a network
    that has the firewall ports 80 (UDP/TCP) and 2165 (TCP) open. (You may need to contact your internet provider
    to assist you changing your router settings).
I have a new BT Hub 5 router and the gateway has a solid red light.

BT Hub 5 uses ports 3 and 4.

Just had the iT500 installed and my heating isn’t coming on?

Have you paired the thermostat with the receiver, please see page 15 in the installer manual on how to do this.

My iT500 time is out by 1 hour, why?

Please run the update available on your account, this will automatically correct this.

In the unfortunate instance that you cannot login or register your iT500 on your smart phone...

We have an alternate web address that you can still have full access to your iT500 account.
(Please also note that if your internet is temporarily down your iT500 will still continue to work as it should).

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